Maybe I should just change my style

22 Apr

As the suburb-queen photo blog reached its second birthday, I decided to place a counter on the main page to see if anyone was actually looking at this stuff. Within a week of doing so, I was surprised to find that people are in fact looking! A nice little handful of people from all over the place. I’d like to give a shout out to my German audience – keeping it real in Duetschland!

Anyhow, after the initial excitement wore off, I became a little bit embarrassed. All I have to offer here is a collection of photos that mostly feature drunk people, becoming more drunk, with a few captions describing the drunkenness in words. This includes, of course, a smattering of my daily adventures, all wrapped up in one cruddy attempt at html tables. Now that’s embarrassing.

It’s for this reason that I’ll be working on a few changes and additions to the site. This blog is one of them, a chance to write a bit on what’s going on in my life. I’m also going to redesign the rest of the site using some new code that will be outside of my comfort zone. CSS? XHTML? I don’t even know what the crap that is, which is probably why this site looks like crap anyway. That will change soon. I also have a few more changes up my sleeve, changes that I’ll write about in more detail at a later date. Until then, keep an eye on the site!

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