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A little bit more

22 Oct

When it’s the end of October, the winter wardrobe comes out. My dresser drawers are crammed up with warm, wooly items, and stacks of sweaters join stacks of books on the shelves. My shoebox room is full to the brim! I remember why I left my hair long – it can double as a scarf.

The past week has been perfectly crisp and smokey. Here’s hoping we make it to Halloween before the first snow!


That’s her Ferrari, by the way

10 Oct










You know what?  I’m sick of my regular fashion blog roster.  I’m over booties and drainpipe jeans.  It’s time to get old.  Last night Jon (strangely) pointed me in the direction of my new fashion obsession: Advanced Style. This street fashion blog rejects your typical hipsters and fashionistas, and instead favours the progressive style of our elders. Why didn’t I see it before? The equal parts genius and not-giving-a-fuck required to dress like a sultan are there. The wisdom is there. Old people know where it’s at! Advanced Style has me excited to reach the age when I can pull off a gigantic wide-brimmed hat and walking stick… and seriously considering busting it out before the golden years hit.