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Some Bearable Holiday Music

30 Nov

Candice Style

It’s that time of year again! Every December for the past few years, my sister Britt and I have created a holiday music compilation, conceived way back in 2004 when we had a pretty tough Christmas to get through. This is why it was aptly named The Sisters Bruyea Christmas Fiasco! The name remains the same, as does the love we put into it. The only things that change every year are the tunes. This year Britt and I decided to do two discs, one by each of us. Here’s my half of the compilation, I’ll post Britt’s in the coming days. I’m also going to try and upload all of the past volumes when I get my hands on them. Until then, enjoy these holiday tunes!

Songs 1-5
Songs 6-10

Edit: Some people were having problems with songs 1-5, this should be fixed now! If there are any other problems let me know.

Looking Sharp

28 Nov

I love the direction fashion is taking these days. If you look at this past November on The Sartorialist, everyone is looking very dapper. I’m in love with this woman’s shoes and pantyhose, plus the turtlenecks that are popping up for winter. Here at school I can always be found in frumpy jeans and ratty sneakers, all wrapped up in a giant sweater. I can’t wait to try some of these classy styles on the cheap, maybe when summer comes and I have a little disposable income.

Real Stories From The Road

28 Nov

Today I discovered my brother in Corky Laing’s wikipedia page, completely by accident, and it made me feel cool.

Hawksley Workman in London

27 Nov

My sister came to visit me in London for our annual Hawksley Workman extravaganza. We beat the line and managed to get front row seats in a venue set up very much like a school essembly. A school essembly where people serve you beer and you rock out. Hey Rosetta, the opening band, were fantastic. I think they took the whole audience by surprise and blew us away with their energy. The lead singer was a bit Jeff Buckley-esque. You can listen to their album Into Your Lungs at their website. Hawksley and his band were amazing, as always. There’s a different feel to his performance each time he tours, but that warm, familiar, let’s make soup and invent TV-bikes quality always remains. The violinist, who I’d not heard before and might be new to the lineup, added a layer I can only describe as hypnotizing, sometimes eerie sometimes fierce. Not a Tyra Banks fierce though, that’s something all together different. Pre-Tyra fierce. Anyhow, as soon as I find out his name I’ll edit this post, because he was just incredible. If you’re thinking about catching the show in Toronto, do it!

Edit: His name is Jesse Zubot.

Let it fall

19 Nov


As the snow comes down in flakes as big as goose feathers, I can’t help but be thankful for these warm things: Snuggly coats filled with down, the fact that my roomie Andrea is playing smooth jazz, ginger-mint tea, and vanilla scented fabric softener, (what’s better than cuddling under a fluffy layer of blanket-cake? Nothing. Ever.)

Into the Woods

10 Nov

One time Jon and I found a book about bears.  Except it was This.

(He looks kind of like Mantracker).

Edit: Jon and I now have a game where we send each other pics of sexy bears.

Oh Etsy.

9 Nov


For the past two years I’ve managed to get all of my Christmas shopping done early and easily by ordering online. Being a busy student, I don’t really have the time, (or the mode of transportation for that matter), to search for items that are original, thoughtful and within my price range. Since my first internet Christmas shopping experience included a few unpleasant surprises, (some stuff on fred flaire turned out to be junky and cheap-looking), this year I decided to stick to Etsy for a much better experience. Everything I bought was carefully hand made and looked absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t help but grab a few things for myself. Though I’m not a huge fan of the whole Libertine ‘silkscreening crap onto your blazer is edgy’ phase everyone went through, Pretty Racoon does it right by taking a more elegant approach, (just mind the American Apparel fit). I also got some really cute Macbook and iPod envelopes from Fernfiddlehead that are getting endless questions and compliments.  Oh Etsy.  Where else could I find vintage jewelry and cute owl sculptures handmade by an artist in Georgia?  It’s a Christmas miracle.