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Lykke Li soon!

28 Jan

lykkeI’m seeing her show next week! She is my girl crush.


24 Jan

My new blog obsession:, with a url that pretty much describes itself. Check out the above image by artist Rebecca Miller, or head out to the 7-eleven for Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavour Yes, Pecan!

Hey Jude

20 Jan

Shane Koyczan, cutting off his head and throwing it towards your lips!

16 Jan

I recently had the chance to hear an audio recording of Shane Koyczan in my Contemporary Can Lit class. It was a live performance of “People Are Getting Better” and it jostled me out of my morning gap-out.

Koyczan is a spoken-word poet who grew up in Penticton BC, and though I’d like to post some of his words here, it’s very important to hear him perform them himself. You can download some mp3 recordings at his website. “Visiting Hours” is awesome, and I have yet to hear the others, (I like to absorb some of this stuff slowly over time). Offering an even better experience are the videos posted to youtube of his performances at poetry slams. He looks nothing like I’d imagined him to, (that imaginary ‘him’ being a weird, scraggly, long-haired poet guy from stereotype land). Many of the videos available are of his romantic poems. They’re like having a giant teddy-bear slap you in the face with is beating heart and then wanting to high-five him afterwards. I’m not so into his poetry paired with music, (it looses some of that in-the-moment passion), apart from the gut-wrenching “Move Pen Move”, which is undeniably perfect. If you’re interested, this performance on youtube really captures his awesomeness, (watch in its entirety!)

We’re getting hitched!

14 Jan