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Friday Five

27 Feb

New Year Kitties

Goofy music nerd shirts. Here’s a little tribute to The Cure, plus one for J.S. Bach, (and possibly Meatloaf at the same time?)

Snuggly bedlinen from Rachel Castle.

These Songsmith creations. Be sure to scroll down for some Van Halen lounge music. And is it wrong that I actually love me some bluegrass White Wedding?

I’m not crazy about Banksy, but I absolutely adore his use of animatronics in The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. This is kind of old, I think it happened in October of last year, but you can watch videos at the website I’ve linked.

The Martha Blog. I’m a bit of a Martha Stewart fan, and though I once viewed her as a robot only useful for brilliant DIY advice and Conan O’Brien hilarity, I’ve recently decided that she is the cutest cat/dog lady ever. Upon adding her blog to my reader, I was treated to posts of her dogs making crafts, and her cats having a new years party. I nearly died from the amazing, heart-warming weirdness. When she adopted two more cats she was sure to feature plenty of animals in the shelter, and I bet they found a home soon after their Martha endorsement.


Something for the girls: Lindsey Markel’s advice for little sisters she never had

24 Feb

sister sister
‘I never had an older sister’. I don’t think I’ve ever said that sentence wistfully out loud, or even longed for an older biological sister to guide me. I think this is because I’ve been lucky enough to grow up around a company of wise, intelligent, strong women, consisting of relatives, teachers, managers and older friends. I think they approached the role of older ‘sister’ in the same way I try to; usually with subtlety, always with love, passing on a multitude of lessons, but only as I was ready for them, over time.

But what if that female role model in your life only had eighteen minutes to reach you? Eighteen minutes to give you all the advice, encouragement and inspiration you’ll need for the long road ahead. Eighteen minutes to lay it all out on the table, from broken hearts to opening public transit doors without embarrassing yourself. In an audio version of the zine You Are Among Friends, written, preformed, and produced by herself, Lindsey Markel does just this. As an older sister, I can confirm that this brief recording delivers all of the inspiration, insight, affirmation and sass a big sis could offer. Whether you have an older female role model in your life or not, treat yourself to You Are Among Friends next time you’re enjoying a coffee or driving to work solo. Markel’s message is sweet, but no-nonsense, never cryptic, and always honest. It’s a message that ought to resonate in every girl’s ears at least once.

Visit to download an mp3 version for free, or get your hands on a paper copy.

Credit to Gala, who posted about YAAF at

Note: Do listen past the first ‘paragraph’. It functions to make you aware of the uneasiness that shouldn’t be linked to female bodies, but for most of us is. Also, listen through headphones, as the levels were off on my speakers.

Friday Five

20 Feb

Aquarium bento

This unusual dress by a Blanche MacDonald student, photographed by Alex Ramon

Fancy mirrors that cost $1000

Gadget orchestras

A crocheted coral reef, (take a look, it’s unbelievable). My crafty mom would love this.

Cute little Bentos by Sakurako Kitsa. She has a spa bento, a heron bento, and even the Sydney Harbour!

Busy months and family annuals

19 Feb

photo from

Hello! I’ve been wanting to share all the new things going on in my life for a while now, but I still find myself very busy. As you may or may not know, I’ve recently started planning my wedding, am finishing up the final semester for my English degree, (it’s about time), am trying to find an after-class job that doesn’t involve a cap and name tag, and have been struggling a bit with a recent and somewhat hilarious diagnosis of narcolepsy, (though I’m glad to say I’ve been very much awake and on track this past week). I stayed in London alone for spring break, and am pleasantly surprised by how much work I’ve gotten done in all this solitude. ¬†As a result, I think I’ll be writing more soon on the exciting new developments listed above.

Until then, here’s a little something I found today. Planning this wedding has me thinking a lot about family, which might be why I’m so into these family annuals by Charlotte at Charlotte seems to have extra incentive to create a few softcover life-photo collections, considering her new baby(ies), and her ability to take beautiful pictures. However, I think this would be a cool idea for any person at any stage of life.

Not too long ago I was taking endless snapshots of just about anything fun that was going on around me, which I would then post to my now retired photoblog. The collection revolved around parties, gatherings, and adventures with family and friends. ¬†Though the photos weren’t meant to be aesthetically pleasing, (and most of them certainly weren’t!), I love looking back at all of those memories, complete with comments and blurbs that remind me of moments I otherwise would have forgotten. Maybe I’ll try my hand at taking better photos and turn them into a nice book to keep and enjoy for a long, long time.