Something for the girls: Lindsey Markel’s advice for little sisters she never had

24 Feb

sister sister
‘I never had an older sister’. I don’t think I’ve ever said that sentence wistfully out loud, or even longed for an older biological sister to guide me. I think this is because I’ve been lucky enough to grow up around a company of wise, intelligent, strong women, consisting of relatives, teachers, managers and older friends. I think they approached the role of older ‘sister’ in the same way I try to; usually with subtlety, always with love, passing on a multitude of lessons, but only as I was ready for them, over time.

But what if that female role model in your life only had eighteen minutes to reach you? Eighteen minutes to give you all the advice, encouragement and inspiration you’ll need for the long road ahead. Eighteen minutes to lay it all out on the table, from broken hearts to opening public transit doors without embarrassing yourself. In an audio version of the zine You Are Among Friends, written, preformed, and produced by herself, Lindsey Markel does just this. As an older sister, I can confirm that this brief recording delivers all of the inspiration, insight, affirmation and sass a big sis could offer. Whether you have an older female role model in your life or not, treat yourself to You Are Among Friends next time you’re enjoying a coffee or driving to work solo. Markel’s message is sweet, but no-nonsense, never cryptic, and always honest. It’s a message that ought to resonate in every girl’s ears at least once.

Visit to download an mp3 version for free, or get your hands on a paper copy.

Credit to Gala, who posted about YAAF at

Note: Do listen past the first ‘paragraph’. It functions to make you aware of the uneasiness that shouldn’t be linked to female bodies, but for most of us is. Also, listen through headphones, as the levels were off on my speakers.

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