Bookmark clutter be gone: Kaboodle and LaterThis

9 Mar

My kaboodle

Later This: If you’re anything like me, your bookmarks folder is a treasure trove of how-to’s, reminders, inspiration, and resources. I also do a lot of my research and event planning online, (my wedding bookmarks folder is massive), and some of my classes are through correspondence too. I think this is why I’m a bit of a maniac when it comes to organizing my bookmarks. Items must pass my critical test of importance before being labeled and filed in their proper place. Then I murmur ‘You just got cataloooggued’.

As a result of this compulsion, the lighter stuff I set aside for future reading is archived at LaterThis. To quote their main page, ‘LaterThis lets you save and manage all the links you’d like to have a second look at, but don’t have time for now.’ When I find something of interested I just click the ‘Laterthis’ button in my menu bar, give the item a title and tag, and continue on my merry way. On a rainy day when I have nothing to do, (a day that has yet to happen), I can head on over and read my Laterthis goodies. Until then, it’s out of sight and out of mind, keeping my bookmarks free of clutter.

Kaboodle: Remember Caboodles? Yeah… anyway, this is not about sparkly bathroom organizers of our youth. Kaboodle is the alternative to out of control fashion folders everywhere. It’s pretty much the same idea as Laterthis, only geared specifically towards clothing items found online. The interface allows you to look at photos of your items, along with descriptions and prices. Other options include making a wish list, creating nifty style boards, and adding other people who are equally addicted to internet shopping as friends. If you don’t like shopping for clothes, you can use this for just about any item you’d like to buy: books, art supplies, housewares, puppies…

Edit: A quick thanks to Lindsey for mentioning me in Fickle Little Machine yesterday, it was a nice surprise! Go check her out, this post pretty much made my day.

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