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Yowayowa Camera Woman, levitating all over the place

21 Feb


I love Natsumi, aka Yowayowa Camera Woman, and her levitating self-portraits.


Tom Hanksimals

2 Feb

Evidentally, Tom Hanks is a lot of animals.

The Painful Downsizing of her Sound: Google Translate is a Deep Poetry Machine

1 Feb

This morning Jon decided to put a snippet of writing into Google Translate. First he translated the original from English to Japanese, and then he translated the result back to English. We soon discovered that Google Translate is a hilarious Deep Poetry Machine.

We highly recommend 3-4 cycles between Japanese and English; Russian did nothing for us, and switching up languages each cycle seemed to dissolve the sentences down to a cluster of key words. As an example, please observe the sweet monstrosity* that follows.

The original work, taken from an old notebook of Jon’s:

This girl walks in. She hardly makes a sound. This isn’t surprising due to her small size, but somehow you get the feeling she is painfully aware of every sound she makes. Like one little creak or shuffle on the floor will send the whole room raging at her. She walks like one who wishes to be invisible.

Translated to Japanese and then back to English once:

She was a little girl walks into the sound. This I feel as if aware of all the constituent sounds painful she can not.  She do something remarkable for her small size. One, a little shuffle on the floor creak, and I will send her the room angry. She wants to walk like invisible.

The above, translated to Japanese and back to English again:

Walked to the sound of her little girl.  It recognizes all of the ingredients she can feel, as if the sound can be noted the small size of her pain. One on the floor, shuffle a little squeaky, but I sent her room in anger. She wants to walk like invisible.

And again, (I like this one best):

I walked to the sound of her little girl. It recognizes all of the ingredients which she can feel, as if you can point out the painful downsizing of her sound. One on the floor, the creaking little shuffle, I sent her room in anger. She wants to walk like invisible.

*For easy reading, I’ve added commas to a few translations.