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New Blog

12 Jul

I have a new blog! It’s here:

Lykke Li Prepares Me For Battle

17 Apr

I’m in London, preparing to write the first of several final exams. I’m stressed out, but this song pumps me up big time. It’s part of my pump-me-up playlist, which I will share with you now.

Yowayowa Camera Woman, levitating all over the place

21 Feb


I love Natsumi, aka Yowayowa Camera Woman, and her levitating self-portraits.

El Perro Del Mar

12 Jan

More Abe

4 Apr

It’s that time of year: I’m very busy trying to stay on top of these last few assignments and prepare for my exams. As a result, no Friday Five or frequent posting, though I have lots of neat stuff to share. For now, here’s a quote from Abe Lincoln that made me smile today. He said, “God must love the common people. He made so many of them.”

Camera Obscura: French Navy

19 Mar

What’s up with me and mushy video clips? I think I miss Jon.

Undergrads: What I really learned at University

11 Mar

Homecoming does this to people

An unspeakable number of English assignments are about to swallow me whole, and all I can do is sit here, ass fused to futon, gnawing on mint chocolate candy and my fingertips. If there’s anything I’ve learned after four years of University, it’s this: if I’m not pursuing knowledge based on my own curiosity, my soul and brain will slowly turn to dust. And after 31 months of living in my head, sitting in a hunched typing position, and having all creativity focused on snappy essay titles… I am beyond ready to move on. Continue reading