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The Melanchton Quarry – Submit your objection before tomorrow’s deadline

10 Jul

The deadline to submit your opinion regarding the mega quarry in Melanchton has been extended to July 11th – that’s tomorrow. This isn’t just a big deal to the people in my community. Aside from the vast environmental damage described in the above video, The Highland Companies have in no way documented or projected the consequences of a failure in their system of dewatering, pumping, and reinsertion of water. If the environmental implications don’t irk you, you might feel concerned about a company from the United States purchasing our farmland under the guise of a Canadian company that plans to develop the province’s largest potato growing operation.

Please submit an objection to the Melanchton mega quarry, no matter how brief, to the Environmental Registry of Ontario tonight. This can be done easily at their website here. It makes me sick that this is happening in the community where I grew up and where my family still lives. It should make you sick as an Ontarian and a Canadian.

It also helps to repost about the quarry so others are informed. If submitting an objection is a bit too time consuming, you can always sign this petition in under a minute: here

Here are a few helpful links if you’d like to read up on the issue:

Quarry info @ The Council of Canadians Blog

Quarry info @ the NDACT website

The Proposal Notice at the Environmental Registry of Ontario website


Sarah Kay’s TEDtalk

4 May

When beautiful, amazing things fall out of the sky, be ready to catch them.

Find more about Sarah Kay and Project Voice.
See Sarah Kay on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam .

Happy Birthday Richard Manuel

3 Apr

The Sisters Bruyea X-mas Fiasco Vol. 6

23 Dec

Yes, we still make this yearly Christmas CD, and yes I am still alive. I’m in school for the next few months, but now that I’ve had a holiday break I hope to get back to blogging. Click here and here for 2008’s Vol. 4, (our 2009 version wasn’t posted, and is buried on my hard drive it seems). Happy Christmas all!

Songs 1-5
Songs 6-10
Songs 11-15
Songs 16-21

Some More Bearable Holiday Music

4 Dec

Britt Style
Here’s my sister Britt’s contribution to The Sisters Bruyea Christmas Fiasco. You can find my half here. Once I finish my final assignments and exams, I’ll dig out the old volumes and post them here too. Enjoy!

Songs 1-9
Songs 10-19

Some Bearable Holiday Music

30 Nov

Candice Style

It’s that time of year again! Every December for the past few years, my sister Britt and I have created a holiday music compilation, conceived way back in 2004 when we had a pretty tough Christmas to get through. This is why it was aptly named The Sisters Bruyea Christmas Fiasco! The name remains the same, as does the love we put into it. The only things that change every year are the tunes. This year Britt and I decided to do two discs, one by each of us. Here’s my half of the compilation, I’ll post Britt’s in the coming days. I’m also going to try and upload all of the past volumes when I get my hands on them. Until then, enjoy these holiday tunes!

Songs 1-5
Songs 6-10

Edit: Some people were having problems with songs 1-5, this should be fixed now! If there are any other problems let me know.