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The Kronos Quartet

15 Jun

As I washed the breakfast dishes this morning, I was lucky enough to hear to the Kronos Quartet play a few songs live on the radio. They were introduced under the genre of ‘New Music’, which can be described as a modern form of classical or art music. I soon learned that the Kronos Quartet, originally formed in the 1970’s, have a massive repertoire that ranges from Jimi Hendrix songs to Philip Glass arrangements, Tom Waits accompaniments to commissioned songs by African, Latvian, and Azerbaijani composers. I got the feeling that no matter what they play, it always sounds new; even through the speakers of my tiny kitchen radio, their music was absolutely captivating and mind-opening.

They performed their beautiful take on Blind Willie Johnson’s “Dark is the Night”, followed by a cover of a Bollywood song completely unknown to me, and finally what I think was an original composition. Each song had me glued to the radio until the final sendoff. This afternoon I did a quick search online for the quartet, which revealed a pretty badass cover of Foxy Lady, and a recording of Sigur Ros’ Flugufrelsarinn. My very favourite was a live (and heart-breakingly incomplete) recording of the quartet covering Svefn-g-englar, my very favourite Sigur Ros song. Hearing that soaring cover live would be incredible.

Tonight they’re playing the Luminato Festival at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Performing Arts, for those spontaneous enough to get there by 8pm!


Ben Folds Five – Narcolepsy

15 Jun

I should warn you
I go to sleep.

I’m being a bad blogger. I do get my computer back tomorrow though, so expect more than the odd video here soon.

The Table Ballet

25 May

My Body Is A Cage – Arcade Fire

24 May

You know what they say.
Live by the harmonica of cruelty, die by the harmonica of cruelty.

The news of Bin Laden’s death… in gifs.

2 May

And on a more intellectual note.

Nostalgia Trip Down at the Khyber

30 Apr

When my parents used to tell me to hurry up and get ready for school/dance class, I would sing them the chorus to Unconditional Love. Ten years later I can still sing this album start to finish, and I can still remember how it sounded blasting from my shitty boom box speakers.

Alex Stoddard’s 365 Project

27 Apr

I have a current obsession with Alex Stoddard’s photo stream, which features his nearly finished 365 project; his imagination and talent blow me away. He’s only seventeen!