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My Fleetwood Mac dreams come true!

21 Mar

This evening has been in the making since I was five, bouncing through a choreographed lip-sync of Christine McVie singing Everywhere while my dad patiently acted as camera man. I created a complicated spinning sequence for the sparkly part at the beginning, followed by baby ballet toe-taps meant to shake all who watched to the core. Christine was my favourite, but the living-room diva in me secretly channeled Stevie, just spinning my ass off during all of the ‘sparkly parts’.

Lykke Li soon!

28 Jan

lykkeI’m seeing her show next week! She is my girl crush.

Hawksley Workman in London

27 Nov

My sister came to visit me in London for our annual Hawksley Workman extravaganza. We beat the line and managed to get front row seats in a venue set up very much like a school essembly. A school essembly where people serve you beer and you rock out. Hey Rosetta, the opening band, were fantastic. I think they took the whole audience by surprise and blew us away with their energy. The lead singer was a bit Jeff Buckley-esque. You can listen to their album Into Your Lungs at their website. Hawksley and his band were amazing, as always. There’s a different feel to his performance each time he tours, but that warm, familiar, let’s make soup and invent TV-bikes quality always remains. The violinist, who I’d not heard before and might be new to the lineup, added a layer I can only describe as hypnotizing, sometimes eerie sometimes fierce. Not a Tyra Banks fierce though, that’s something all together different. Pre-Tyra fierce. Anyhow, as soon as I find out his name I’ll edit this post, because he was just incredible. If you’re thinking about catching the show in Toronto, do it!

Edit: His name is Jesse Zubot.

You made me realise

24 Sep


Batman is your weatherman

13 Aug

Beerfest 2008

I’ve been incredibly busy this summer, and not just drinking beer in the rain as this photo illustrates. This has been an entire summer of productivity madness, pulling myself together before I head back for my last year of school. I have futons to buy, budgets to spin, letters to send and stagettes to attend. My office job keeps me busy from nine to five, and is making me realize that no matter how good at talking on the phone and dominating a printer I get, I do not want to work in an office for a long time. I need a job that lets my mind wander, so that I can plan art installments and make up novels about female wrestlers in my head.

There are lots of new things in my life, like kitten friends and organizational skills, and maybe some keyboard jams on the horizon if I’m lucky. I’m moving to London at the end of the month, into a house just outside the university gates.

Here are some fresh things to look at: this previously neglected photoblog, and this source of endless delight, a blog dedicated to awful tattoos. My favourites include finger-arm, vacation burger and Celine Dion, see if you can spot them!