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Friday Five: Animal friends

27 Mar

Anjana, Shiva and Mitra:
This week’s Friday five has more cute-power than a unicorn chaser. Continue reading


Friday Five: The follow-up edition

20 Mar


1. Another gadget orchestra: 
This time it’s an all-ipod MGMT cover. If MGMT were to die and become reincarnated… they would obviously come back as a group of ethinically diverse songstresses with adorable grins. And they would obviously multiply by two. A follow-up to Friday Five 02/20/09

2. A new song from St. Vincent:
The all-knowing Wikipedia Gods claimed her upcoming album Actors would be “sonically inspired by Prince”. The little taste of thick, dreamy electric guitars I got on this track makes me want to incorporate a sexual Prince joke into all of this, but I’ll hold off for today (2day). While you’re at it, click here, scroll past the ‘Blah blah blah decades-past… nostalgia-inducing pretenses blah blah blah’ and check out my favourite little tape recorder buddy. Num nums. A follow up to Lady Tunes, if you ignore my Ariel Pink digression.

3. The Eco-Friendly Port-a-Bach:
As far as housing aspirations go, I’ve upgraded from tiny traveling homes to homes made from boxes. Actually, you could say I’ve downgraded in the same way homeless people in box-towns are downgrades from hobos travelin’ the land. It’s really a matter of personal homeless-lifestyle preference, and whether or not you choose to keep your box house stationary. A follow up to I’m Not Joking 08/25/08

4. Hey Rosetta on
I briefly mentioned Hey Rosetta back when they opened for H Dubbs in November, but did you know that their album is so wonderful that I’ve chosen to wake up to it every morning? Hey Rosetta’s Into Your Lungs lives permanently inside my cd alarm clock! They’ve survived what is normally the ‘music-I-love massacre’ of any album assigned to shake me from my warm, blanket-laden slumber-cave every single morning! Oh yeah, they’re also touted as the next Canadian break-through on Billboard. Whatevs. A follow-up to Hawksley Workman in London 11/27/08

5. Nadja covers MBV’s Only Shallow:
As pitchfork-centric as this post already is, I absolutely must include this. Reason: it had me doing weighty, exhaggerated head-nods in slow motion within seconds of its opening. Anyone who has seen me do this knows I have entered a realm of serious rocking/music enjoyment. A follow up to You Made Me Realise 09/24/08

Friday Five: Lady-tunes!

13 Mar

St. Vincent (Annie Clark)

St. Vincent

My brother introduced me to St. Vincent one afternoon at the office, and as Now, Now’s repeated lyrics “you don’t mean that, say you’re sorry” thoroughly creeped out my colleagues, I caught a St. Vincent fever. An incredibly talented musician and songwriter, (I think she plays just about every instrument on the album), Annie Clark’s songs are strange and dazzling.  This means a lot, as I hate to use the word dazzling unless absolutely necessary.  Recently a friend of mine mentioned how tired he is of the ever popular ‘indie-girl cooing’. If you feel the same way, St. Vincent is your coo-free alternative. Clark sings expressively and with intention, and you’ll consider her album title’s Arrested Development reference an extra bonus!  Watch Jesus Saves, I Spend, (the caterpillar!).

Lavender Diamond

Lavender Diamond

Sounds like: a gang of all-female superheroines, donning flow-y vintage dresses and rollerskates, with the power to turn everything into a nostalgic super 8 mm video. All are welcome to listen, but I’m not going to lie, Lavender Diamond are mega girly. They’re called LAVENDER DIAMOND. You’re not allowed to name your band Lavender Diamond unless you’re the soundtrack to teen girls on car rides with other teen girls, holding their hands out the window and ‘feeling infinite’ and stuff. I uploaded my favourite song from Imagine Our Love here for all to listen to. Enjoy! Continue reading

Friday Five

6 Mar

twelve-year-old me's hero

The Sister Project: Celebrating sisters of all kinds, an idea I wish I had conjured up first!

Snuggly winter gear: Cutest coats and warmest boots.

Kinetic art by Casey Curran: Her pieces come alive! It makes me think of the ticking clocks scene in Pinnochio. This was sent to me by Jon, he’s always finding neat art and thoughtfully sending it my way.

Exile in Guyville: It’s been a while since my last Liz Phair phase. I was twelve when my brother loaned me a copy of What’s Up Matador. It was then that Liz Phair’s Stratford-On-Guy became my obsession. I also have this hilarious memory of playing Cat Power’s song Nude as the News in the car with my father and best friend, expecting them to marvel at my musical taste. They begged me to turn it off.

A candid letter to the two pygmy marmoset babies who live on my left index and middle fingers.

Friday Five

27 Feb

New Year Kitties

Goofy music nerd shirts. Here’s a little tribute to The Cure, plus one for J.S. Bach, (and possibly Meatloaf at the same time?)

Snuggly bedlinen from Rachel Castle.

These Songsmith creations. Be sure to scroll down for some Van Halen lounge music. And is it wrong that I actually love me some bluegrass White Wedding?

I’m not crazy about Banksy, but I absolutely adore his use of animatronics in The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. This is kind of old, I think it happened in October of last year, but you can watch videos at the website I’ve linked.

The Martha Blog. I’m a bit of a Martha Stewart fan, and though I once viewed her as a robot only useful for brilliant DIY advice and Conan O’Brien hilarity, I’ve recently decided that she is the cutest cat/dog lady ever. Upon adding her blog to my reader, I was treated to posts of her dogs making crafts, and her cats having a new years party. I nearly died from the amazing, heart-warming weirdness. When she adopted two more cats she was sure to feature plenty of animals in the shelter, and I bet they found a home soon after their Martha endorsement.