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Music Attack: I suggest we take this outside

17 Mar

Made Up Love Song #43

Believe it or not, there are good ways to be attacked. You can be kiss-attacked, massive attacked, sneak-attacked by friendly baby pugs, (this apparently happens a lot), and even music attacked on the streets of San Francisco.

I’ve actually featured a few videos filmed by La Blogotheque before, some done specifically for Beirut’s Flying Club Cup and more recently with Lykke and friends, (though I missed her awesome cover of After Laughter Comes Tears with Sarah Assbring. For shame!)

La Blogotheque don’t just film our favourite musicians performing unexpectedly on the streets. Though the Black Cab Sessions come from an entirely different group of film makers, Blogotheque continue their idea by filming concerts sailing on water or squeezed into traveling vans. It’s exciting to see some of my favourite musicians do their thing close up and on the go, instead of in a crowded concert or flashy music video.

My favourites? Guillemots take the cake, though little babies dancing to Menomena are certainly in the running. The Flying Club Cup sessions are also not to be missed. This post is already link-filled, so I’ll let you do your own exploring. Keep your eyes peeled for Tom Jones!

Beirut, Nantes

5 Dec

I thought this was a neat idea.