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Shit Harper Did

15 Apr

Oh how I do hate the smear campaign extravaganza that precedes every federal election. Recently, while trying to get a video to load on a news website, I had to watch the painfully indirect Christy Crunch commercial seven times in a row. Seven times in a row I was expected to care about Premier Christy Clark ‘tasting mean‘. Really, New Democratic Party of B.C.? Really? Well I think I might just puke. That artificially sweetened bitch.

A certain Kids in the Hall episode comes to mind.

If a political party would like to inform me of an opponent’s previous wrong-doings, I want them to use specific, intelligent language, and I do not want to be subjected to insinuations that don’t actually matter in the big scheme of things.  It’s insulting, and it wastes my time. I recently came across a website that appears to at least try to provide me with an up-front message. It’s called shitharperdid.com, and unlike the attack ad tragedy that is Christy Crunch, it actually made me laugh. It features the above photo of Stephen Harper holding an indignant kitten, all expertly (and creepily) rendered in graphite.  Beside the photo is a brief statement that describes ‘shit’ Harper has done, accompanied by a link to a news report with more details. You can click a button that says “Seriously? Tell me some other shit!” to load up a new statement.  A few of the accusations certainly leave me skeptical, such as the flimsy suggestion that Harper is ‘un-Christ like’ (?), but I like being able to follow sources and decide for myself. I also like to engage in thoughtful analysis of something a politician does, rather than something that they proportedly are. It definitely beats having to listen to some woman complain about her cereal, which by the way, contains an awesome toy train prize at the bottom of every box.

Edit: It seems shitharperdid.com was created by hipsters, or is at least represented by hipsters as evidenced by this video. But they’re funny hipsters, so…