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Abe: Paloma’s Nest Egg

31 Mar

Clay egg by Paloma's nest

SQ’s Holiday Gift Ideas

6 Dec

Though I’m finished my Christmas shopping for this year, I’ve been coming across a lot of neat gift ideas that are nice and cheap. If you’re not sure what to get someone this year, here are a few things that will work for pretty much anyone.

Art is kind of tricky if you don’t know a person’s taste or decor style. Sharon Montrose has a sale on her animal prints (buy 3 get the 4th free) until the Dec 20th. They’re simple enough to go with pretty much any colour scheme, and I think they’re really cool (see the one pictured above). Her etsy shop is here.

The Trusty 2009 Calendar:
This gift is kind of a cop-out unless you get them something really unique. Story by Mia sells a simple, modern style here for only $22.

City Books
Unless your recipient doesn’t like to leave the house, Moleskine City Books are a pretty great gift idea. I’ve lived in Toronto for four summers, (so let’s say two years), and I still know only a very small area of the city. City Books contain maps of their respective city, plus room to jot down notes about people, places, memories, basically anything a person would like to know and remember about their city. These would be great for someone going on a trip too. To encourage a little more exploration, point them in the direction of Moleskine’s city blogs or give them a copy of City Walks. You can get a city book for fairly cheap at Chapters, (here’s Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver).

I am a stationary fiend. Place me in a cute little stationary shop, and I will instantly go into a pleasure coma. Moose and Minnow and Simple Song make beautiful stationary that is customizable for the person you’re shopping for.

Hand Soap
This is just amazing and hilarious.

Sephora for men
This kit by Anthony is a best seller, it’s not ridiculously priced, and it has a lot of really nice stuff in it. I think it would be a good gift for a guy who uses nothing more than a bar of soap, or one who secretly tries out your massive collection of bath mysteries.

Sephora for women
I’m noticing a ton of food-themed items in the bath section of sephora. This holiday themed bath set is pretty cute. If you want to try something creative, give your lady friend the Cookie Exchange Set with some yummy cookies, (smelling the bath set alone will make her hungry anyway). Or if you want to be a little less innocent, there’s always the Cocktail Party Set, which could be paired with some margarita and daiquiri mix. Tastiness!

If you’re still stumped, try the shopping guide at Sweetspot.ca

Good Morning!

1 Dec

I can barely handle the cuteness of these. Betty Sonics understands my obsession with all things miniature, and the delight that tricking your grandparents into thinking they’re giants can bring.

Oh Etsy.

9 Nov


For the past two years I’ve managed to get all of my Christmas shopping done early and easily by ordering online. Being a busy student, I don’t really have the time, (or the mode of transportation for that matter), to search for items that are original, thoughtful and within my price range. Since my first internet Christmas shopping experience included a few unpleasant surprises, (some stuff on fred flaire turned out to be junky and cheap-looking), this year I decided to stick to Etsy for a much better experience. Everything I bought was carefully hand made and looked absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t help but grab a few things for myself. Though I’m not a huge fan of the whole Libertine ‘silkscreening crap onto your blazer is edgy’ phase everyone went through, Pretty Racoon does it right by taking a more elegant approach, (just mind the American Apparel fit). I also got some really cute Macbook and iPod envelopes from Fernfiddlehead that are getting endless questions and compliments.  Oh Etsy.  Where else could I find vintage jewelry and cute owl sculptures handmade by an artist in Georgia?  It’s a Christmas miracle.